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Camstone in Red Business Suit at Anthrocon in 2007

Camstone Fox is a red fox fur who lives near Washington, D.C., United States. His wife is MooiVos (Dutch for "pretty vixen"). He was widowed in 2003 when his previous wife, Jenna, succumbed to complications related to diabetes. He is a father as of December 2007.

Camstone is a fursuiter and a regular attendee of Anthrocon, RCFM (now disbanded), MFF, and MFM since 1999. He started the Northern Virginia Fur local group email list - or NoVAFur and has since past it on to others. He has also participated as a panelist and moderator for Furry Christian and scientific transformational panels at various conventions, and speaks on a regular basis on topics related to his employment as a scientist and integrated product and program manager.

In 2007, Camstone was selected as the RCFM art show chair, and became programming chairman in 2008. He was inducted into the RCFM Mission Control Board of Directors after their convention in 2008, but resigned before the convention in 2009, stating employment and schedule conflicts.


Camstone is often depicted as an anthropomorphic Scottish Red Fox with his whiskers waxed and combed into the shape of a mustache and coined the term "whiskerstache." He sometimes wears a tam o'shanter cap, tartan kilt, and a sporran. Alternately, and as perhaps best known, he wears a red business suit or Zoot suit. He has been depicted with both plantigrade and digitigrade legs. He has had guest appearances in the webcomics Mountain Poutine and The Suburban Jungle.

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