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CamoFerret (born October 1991) is a furry writer/artist from Warsaw, Indiana, USA. His main fursona is Camo, a blonde-haired white ferret.

Camo joined the furry community in 2007, under the name Breezeboy22 as a long-tailed blue wolf. He wishes to attend furry-related conventions, but is unable to due to work and life obligations.


CamoFerret's main fursona is Camo, a blonde-haired white ferret. He often wears brushed metal red shades with silver lenses, a poofy khaki vest, jeans and white-and-red Nike shoes in public. Like his creator, he is often goofy, unstable and highly energetic and compassionate. When in combat, he uses his blood, knives, and close-range combat. Apparently, he is very flexible. Camo is bisexual, 90%-10%, male-to-female. He later becomes the father of Devin. The ferret, himself, also has a daughter named Alexia Fiest.

CamoFerret's other notable fursona is Devin - a black-and-purple wolf cub of around 8 to 10 (whose birthday is unknown). He wears a black shirt with a spray-painted purple paw-print, child-sized tripp pants, and no shoes. He lived out on the streets for as long as he could remember. His guardians are three dolls come to life by voodoo, named "Uncle" Patches, Bog, and Jamie. These re-animated, custom toy dolls were magically infused to protect Devin, and never be able to harm him:

  • "Uncle" Patches is a foul-mouthed, homicidal reddish-brown bear who uses knives, bats, screwdrivers and various other items to kill. Despite his personality, in the end, he really does care for Devin like he did his own son.
  • Bog is a green frog who uses his duel-powerful tongues and venom to cause non-lethal knockouts when needed. He is by far the most helpful to Devin in his education and normal life.
  • Jamie is a blue rabbit, whom is the most quiet and most cunning. The threads in his body, unlike the other two, are able to make him transform and impale enemies.

CamoFerret also has 20+ other characters.

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