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an example of the his current style and character

Cameroo (born 1975), is an artist and animator known for his cartoony and expressive furry art. Cameroo currently shares a three-bedroom house in Santa Ana, California, USA, with fellow furry artist Goldenrod, and his older brother.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He started participating in the fandom in 1996, drawn mainly by his interest in werewolves. Accordingly, much of his earlier artwork is transformation-centered, but has become more cartoony and stylized in recent years.

In 2007 he held the title Iron Artist "Long ears" when he won against Egypt Urnash. In 2008 he lost the title to Confuse.

He can be found on Second Life as Cameroo Bommerang.His fursona is a cartoony kangaroo with a blue hoodie, and (sometimes) glasses, loosely based around his real-life appearance.


Cameroo's artistic skills are mostly self-taught. His work has been influenced by animators such as Bob Clampett, Preston Blair, and Don Bluth, and illustrators such as Bernie Wrightson, Doug Manke, Scott Morse, and Evan Dorkin.

Fandom influences include people such as Scotty Arsenault, Kobus, Eric Schwartz and Jedd Marten.

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