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Calmcacil's Forum Avatar.

Calmcacil, also known as Celebrian Sands is a furry who lives in western Norway. He is the webmaster of The Furry Den, and a Second Life builder. Calmcacil has been a fur his whole life, but did not find the fandom until the Summer of 2006.


Calmcacil's primary fursona is a cat, although he is a master of shapes and appears as several different species.

Second Life[edit]

When Calmcacil first tried Second Life, he quit after playing for a week. After a year or so, he got talked into trying it again by his friends who were playing, so he downloaded Second Life again and at that point obtained a furry avatar and decided to spend more time in the virtual world.

Calmcacil's favourite colour is deep blue, and while in Second Life prefers using the Felis avatar by Uchi Desmoulins. He currently resides with friends on the ZEN Managed sim, Blue Mountain

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