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Cake Pony is a website that displayed artwork based on My Little Pony and other equines (among them Eohippis and Zebra). The overall theme of the site was a spoof of a porn site: access is restricted to "yearlings only", and their motto is "We have only the YOUNGEST ponies eating the HOTTEST chocolate cake".

  • Website: (defunct, see archives)
  • Ran from/to: Spring 2006-July 2007

Cake Pony ran two webcomics about cute ponies who love to eat delicious cakes. A new "pin-up" pony was posted every week on Thursdays with a tantalizingly posed pony who listed things such as her likes, dislikes, age, favorite cake, and whether she preferred to eat with her hooves or a fork.

Four of the most popular fillies from this original format later "moved in" with each other in two separate groups, and were visible on "cam" on Thursdays when the comic updated. Of these four: Etiquette, a prissy pony with a thing for good manners has moved in with Honey, a free-spirit and sometimes simple minded pony with butterfly wings. The two of them share a loft apartment in a metropolitan area based on the view out their window. The other two ponies to move in together were Sally, an astronaut who prefers dehydrated cakes, and Debra, a Zebra who while shy, often has the majority of good ideas. Debra joined Sally in her home aboard the International Space Station.

While many of the ponies resemble characters from My Little Pony, none were specific references, but are meant to liken the names of ponies used by MLP (such as Butterscotch or Blossom) to stage names commonly used by Adult Performers. Thus, at least originally, each pony's name seemingly could be used in either context.

Origins of Cake Pony[edit]

Cake Pony was begun in the spring of 2006 by two artists and illustrators Andrew Klein and Lauren Wong. The original site format was laid out to mimic Suicide Girls, a soft-core porn site that promotes the fetishization of cuteness. The artists, in parody of that idea, began creating cutely rendered ponies who somewhat seductively ate various cakes. The posing of each new character and their "bio", was meant to spoof that subsection of pornography.

In the fall of 2006, after a large cast of characters had been developed, the site launched two comics based off of a webcam format, with its most popular characters.

Honey and Etiquette Webcam Feed[edit]

Honey and Etiquette live together in a small loft with a nice view. Being that the view out their window is of a populated and hilly city, we assume that they live in a very urban area, but where exactly is not known. Their webcam is positioned in the living room, with Etiquette's room being behind a stable door beyond the couch. Other spaces in their loft are implied, such as a closet, a kitchen, and a television.

Honey and Etiquette (sometimes nicknamed E by Honey) often do not get along. Honey likes to taunt and mock Etiquette quite a bit as she is much more of a free spirit than her friend. Honey apparently enjoys sports such as kickball while E is not quite as athletic, and often is very cynical of Honeys carelessness.

Sally and Debra Webcam Feed[edit]

Sally, who was only the second Pony ever to orbit the Earth, lives aboard a space station with Debra who is a very shy Zebra. It is not sure how they met, but they do seem to get along quite well. The main purpose of their mission in orbit is to test cakes for deliciousness in a zero-gravity enviornment and they have a sealed Cake Testing Area (or CTA) in which they perform their work. Sally seems to be very experienced when it comes to space travel, but has been proven wrong on several occasions.

It is assumed that Debra, being a Zebra, is a fan of The White Stripes, as they have a poster from the album De Stijl on their wall. Either Sally or Debra is also a fan of Pink Floyd since they also have a Dark Side of the Moon poster. Sally and Debra also have a friend, Ming-Bing who is a Cake Panda that presumably lives on a nearby space station. Ming-Bing seems to be pretty thick headed, predictable, and sometimes annoying to Debra and Sally, but they are good friends anyways.

Other characters also made appearances in this comic such as Genghis Khan and Abraham Lincoln who are part of a story arc relating to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures.

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