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Cairyn (Ronald W. Klemp) is a German furry and fantasy writer, publisher and illustrator. He was one of the first furry fans in Germany and is still[when?] an active member of the community.


Cairyn's best known work as a writer is Khiray of the River, a furry novel about the adventures of an anthropomorphic fox. Originally written in German under the title Khiray vom Fluß and first published on the Internet in the 1990th, Cairyn published the novel in the year 2001 as a three-volume series of books both in German and English language.

Cairyn has written several other short novels after finishing Khiray of the River, many of them being published in the fanzine Storyfur Prime.

Publishing and editor roles[edit]

Apart from publishing his own works, Cairyn is also the publisher and editor of Storyfur Prime, a European furry fanzine.

Cairyn is the editor of the Eurofurence conbooks and co-organizer (together with Watani) of the Eurofurence art show.

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