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Cachette Fox, also known as Vixsune, Nogitsune, and Kitsudragon, is a greymuzzle from Felton, Delaware, USA, who is a furry artist. He produced nude and yiffy adult sketches and drawings, including board art that he uploaded to his archives at Fur Affinity and Inkbunny. He mostly uses traditional media.

He is a living History Revolutionary War reenactor, with membership in the First Maryland Regiment.[citation needed]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Cachette had been involved in the furry fandom since around 1997.

Leaving the fandom[edit]

Cachette took a hiatus from the fandom[when?] before he returned in October, 2008, joining The Furst State, NoVAFur, and several other groups.

He took another hiatus from furry fandom pursuits in 2009,[clarify] instead devoting his time to other fandoms, manly sci-fi and anime events. He attended Shore Leave (a sci-fi con) and Otakon 2010, before returning to the furry fandom in October, 2010, resuming creating anthro art and rejoining The Furst State.

He left the sci-fi and anime communities in 2012 altogether due to declining interest after 14 years, but still remained within furry, producing anthro art when time permits.[citation needed]


Cachettes' fursonas, from 1999 to 2010:

  • Vixsune, a two-tailed fox.
  • Cachette Bushshi, a squirrel, which he abandoned in December, 2009.
  • His third and last fursona, created in 2010, was a red fox who wore round glasses.

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