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Caballo Isle (t eb, beach, jetty, ferry) is a pirate roleplay Area on FurryMUCK. Caballo Isle and its surrounding waters were finished in January 2005, and officially opened for business. It is an entirely In-Character area based very loosely off of Furry Pirates and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Based in fictional Spanish-conquered seas, furs build homes, pirate ships, Naval ships, and roleplay out adventure on the high seas.

History of Caballo Isle[edit]

The Island and it's surrounding waters were conquered by the Spanish in the early 1600's. As the ruling class in this area are all equines, they gave the island the name of Caballo Isle, or Horse Island. Likewise, the Spanish theme is continued with the village's name of Yeuga, or Mare, and Mount Pechos or Mount Breast. The roleplay takes place 50 years after the conquering, and with the waters now firmly under Spanish rule.


The area known as Caballo Isle and its surrounding waters are under the Governorship of Tinder, and is enforced by the head of Her Royal Majesty's Navy for the area, Commodore Ruhemaus. Luckily for the pirates, the Governor is quite corrupt. In exchange for keeping the East side of the village stocked with rum and women, the pirates pay a tithing to her with every raid they perform. If the pirates are ever found in default of their debt, the Royal Navy is sent out to convince the pirates to pay their dues under penalty of death.


As it is a pirate area, furs are requested to keep in theme all times. The area has a strict limit on the level of tech one can use. Furs are allowed the use of gunpowder and some steam tech. No magic-powered ships, and no flying except by hot-air balloon or natural talents.


Magic is limited to two forms: Voodoo or island/native magic, and inherent talents. Characters such as fey or demonic races can use their powers as long as they aren't abused. If they are, a 'magic dampener' may be placed on the character by the local Navy. If the character is a wizard or similar, they are requested to change them to the theme and setting of the area, I.E. a priest/priestess or a local shaman or medicine person.


There are many areas that make up Caballo Isle and its surrounding waters:

Caballo Isle[edit]

The main Island in these waters, and the seat of the local Government. The island is comprised of the Township of Yeuga, the docks which serve as a port, plantations, beaches, and even Mount Pechos.

East Yeuga[edit]

The East side of Yeuga belongs to the pirates. It is here where the local Tavern, The Roavin' Raccoon, and the local Brothel, The Laughing Lady, reside. The Roavin' Raccoon is run by RC, and The Laughing Lady is run by Hekele. Also, The Laughing Lady is an Adult area, and one must be over 18 to enter it. It is also here where the Brig is, which is where furs are swept to if they fall asleep inside this area.

West Yeuga[edit]

West Yeuga is where the more respectable villagers and townfolk live. It is here where there is planned to be the church, apothecary, clothing shop, and other businesses and shops that would not fit into the East Side of Yeuga.

Mount Pechos[edit]

Mount Pechos is where the local plantations reside, and is also where Governor Tinder has her mansion. This location was chosen to be as far from the docks as possible, in case the pirates ever rebel against the local government.

The Seas and Surrounding Waters[edit]

To the west of Caballo Isle are 9 seas named along the points of the compass. Off of these seas are several other islands that help make up the Area.

Bauble Cove[edit]

Residing inside a dormant volcano, Bauble Cove is run by the Pirate Lord Bauxtillion. This is a hangout for pirates on the high seas, or a place to hide for those pirates that may have not paid their taxes to the Government of Caballo Isle yet. It has a village of it's own, and also The Tasty Fish, a tavern talked of on all the high seas.

Gypsy Island[edit]

An island claimed by a traveling gypsy band looking for a home, this loose band is led in a fashion by Yanashia. The small island has beaches, a jungle, a network of caves to explore, and even a village of their own. The gypsies make goods to sell on the other islands in the area, as well as act as performers for Pirates, villages, and even the Navy alike. They hold no alliances, and are instead the neutral parties of this part of the ocean.