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CT Wolf's fursona drawn by RamzaWolf
Photograph of CT Wolf with FURUM 2018 Staffs
Photograph of CT Wolf with other furries during FURUM 2018
Photograph of CT Wolf 1.0 with other furries during Singapore Furs team on Halloween 2010

CT Wolf or simply CT is a fursuiter who lives in Malaysia. His fursona's full name is Kevin Van Wolferon, who is a husky / wolf mix with a distinctive black patch on both eyes.

He is the Chairman of Furs Upon Malaysia in Malaysia since 2015 until today.


  • CT Wolf 1.0 - CT Wolf's 1.0 fursuit head was made by Mallory from Fun Fur All. His suit had made a short appearance on a Canadian TV show called Fanboy Confessionals, featuring his fursuit maker.

Furmeet Attendance[edit]

International Furmeets[edit]

Event Country Date/s Place Fursuit As
Singapore Furs Team 2010 Singapore October 2010 - CT Wolf 1.0
STGCC 2011 Singapore 2011 - CT Wolf 1.0
Halloween 2011 bowling Singapore October 2011 - CT Wolf 1.0
Singapore Chingay 2012 Singapore February 3-4, 2012 Singapore F1 Grand Prix Pit Building CT Wolf 1.0

Convention Attendance[edit]

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