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Crowley (also known as CS Mounier or Crowley Mounier) was a furry whose character was represented with a pub-cap-wearing Pembroke Welsh Corgi in a leather bomber jacket. He worked as a systems analyst with a focus in Cloud Computing.

Crowley served as a live PA DJ, and established himself in the furry community with sets at RainFurrest 2010 and Further Confusion 2011. He was also the founder and lead organizer of Campfire Tails and former colorist for the webcomic West Corner of the Park, written by Jim Groat.

Crowley attended Hartnell College in California with focused studies in Business Administration and Performance Art. He'd joined the furry community in 1998, his active participation beginning in 2008 when he began organizing meets and furry campouts in Western Oregon.

As of 2017, Crowley as a fursona has been retired and replaced by the fursona Mycho Rhizae

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