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CLSA (also known as Clickyfrog, Moch or Dunarda) is a roleplayer and artist who lives in Hilversum, the Netherlands. She discovered the internet around her eleventh year of age, and rolled right into the world of roleplay in the form of a Dutch chat room where she played Pokemon's Meowth for over a year. After that, she moved onto forum roleplaying, on, playing her owned 'pets' on that website, and a variety of other things (i.e. humans, vampires, domestic pets).

A few years later she moved most of her activities to EzBoard forums where she played The Lion King and Marvel Comic 'original characters'. She was introduced to MUCKing in 2006, and ceased her forum-based roleplaying altogether. As of today, her played characters are:

  • Marvel MUCK: Zachery, Bullseye, Toad, Anthony and Alexandra.
  • Bleaker MUCK: Moch (tree-frog shifter) and Pierce (fishing cat shifter).

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