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CJWuffie (also known as CJ Wolf; born September 19th, 1980) is a furry writer who lives in Perth, Western Australia. His fursona is a two-tone brown-furred North American Timber Wolf.

CJWuffie was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and shortly thereafter moved to Northern California in the United States, where he lived until he was 16.

At that time, following a family decision, he moved again to the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia. After he finished high school in Australia, he turned his sights to his passion for flying.

CJWuffie worked as a flight instructor for several years in Queensland before taking up a better position as an instructor in Perth, where he shares an apartment, known as "Wolves Aloft", in the city with Sirukie.

CJWuffie writes stories, the shortest of which is eleven pages. Some of these are published under the name Jonathon Ford, a character from one of his series. His writings have twice appeared in South Fur Lands fanzine.

CJWuffie is also a Hold 'em poker player, competition marksman, and Battlefield 2 player.

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