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ConFurence 8 was a 1997 furry convention in the ConFurence series, held on January 16-19 at the Buena Park Hotel and Convention Center in Buena Park, California.

The convention had the dual themes of "Music and Mirth" and "Reptiles". There were many dance events, including the Purple Nurple Live! and the costumed Fur Dance. A Minnesota TV station, KARE, sent a press crew to cover the convention. The advance price of three and a half day memberships was $20. By the end of the convention, over 1000 memberships had been sold.


The ConFurence Filk Contest was tied: "Cotillion" by Michael Payne and "Loot", lyrics by Lee Gold.[1]

Guests of Honor[edit]


  • After the convention ended and until its organizers changed, ConFurence gained a reputation as being an event where the staff did little to enforce appropriate public behavior.[2][3][4] However, media coverage was relatively positive, despite noting the event's adult aspects.[5]
  • Chapter 11 of the forthcoming book Furry Nation, written by Joe Strike, is entitled 'The Great ConFurence 8 Controversy'.[6]


Daily Newsletter: Brian and Lori Henderson

Super Sponsors[edit]

Andreas Schulmayer, Brian W. Antoine, Brock Hoagland, Bruce Wilhite, Chad Laubach, Charles E. Corprew, Charles Nezzer, Charles G. Lee, Christopher L. Pesl, Craig Mucket, D. Patrick Garvey Jr, Daniel C. Eloff, David Bliss, Dennis R. Peterson, Gabriel Gentile, Gary Breuckman, James Lenigk, James McMechan, James P. Kelley, James W. Birdsall, Jennifer Brozek, John R. Johns II, Jonah E. Safar, Kayotae Blackwolf, Lyn Thomson, Mark L. Severson, Michael J. Murphy, Norman Fabian, Paul P. McNutt, Ralph Atwood, Rex Chamberlain, Richard F. Thatcher, Rick Duffy, Robert Larson, Ron Johnson, Sarah Wheeler, Stacey Wenkel, T. H. Traubitz, Troy D. Risher, V. T. Hangartner, Veronica Asrouch, Wayne Quick, William Haas


Andrew French, Andrew H. Pidcock, Andy Cullen, Anthony C. Brewer, Brian Kimmes, Bryan Myers, Chatles E. Roe, Chris Torek, Colleen Polak, Dana Uehara, David Buttenshaw, David Green, Earl P. Bacon, Ed Holdwell, Eirc Miyoda, Eli Harvey, Freddy E. Praul, Gary Bridges, Guy Garnett, Jason Short, Jim Rauscher, John C. Williams, John W. Pharr, Johnathan Hammer, Juan F. Lara, Justin Carpenter, Loring Grant Cleaveland, Lionman, Michael T. Danaher, Patil Florian, Paul Polak, Richard Williams, Robert C. King, Robert E. Sanders, Robert Whiteman, Romano Eberwein, Ron Dippold, Shawn Strobel, Steven Bornstein, Sylvain St.-Pierre, Thomas G. Brady, Thomas Riccardi, Will A. Sanborn

The souvenir programme book was 56 black-and-white pages with cover art by Brian Harp. It was produced by John and Rachel Cawley and printed by Metropolitan Printing of Costa Mesa, California.


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