Central Arkansas Furs Association

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Some of the members of CAFA (from left to right) Akela Vincent, Paddlefoot, Colley, AnimeCat, Craz E. Coyote, Cyprus S. Coyote

The Central Arkansas Furs Association, or CAFA, is a group of furs located in central Arkansas, U.S.A. Concentrated in mostly the twin cities of North Little Rock and Little Rock, the CAFA group also includes those furs hailing from the outlying communities of Conway, Benton, Bryant, Sherwood, Jacksonville, Cabot, and Searcy.

The CAFA furs have frequent meetings and get-togethers, and volunteer for local community events. They have fursuited at events such as the Light the Night Walk to benefit blood-borne cancers and CabotFest to raise money for lung cancer awareness.

CAFA members[edit]

The members of CAFA include AnimeCat, Akela Vincent, Arin Skunk, Bucktown Tiger, Craz E. Coyote, Cyprus S. Coyote, Fox Lemonte, Foxy Dude, and Kobi LaCroix. Honorary members, who are not local to central Arkansas but visit often, are Alexander Katz, Colley, Paddlefoot, Quasi Skunk, and Travishaw.

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