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MatthiasRat (real name Charles Matthias, born September 6, 1976) is a rat furry who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. A writer and musician, Matthias has made much of his creative output available on his website.


Matthias is a major contributor to the Metamor Keep story setting. Much of his work falls into the transformation fandom as well. He was one of the earlier members of the Transformation Story Archive, and has written in the settings of Barken, TX, Winds of Change, The Blind Pig, and Paradise. He does not dabble in the world of transgenderism too much, but, when he does, he has an unusually high amount of female-to-male characters compared to most writers.

In addition to his own writing, Matthias helps run the Writing Track at Anthrocon, and hosts a yearly Rodent's Panel at the convention. Charles invites his closest friends to stay at his house if they cannot afford hotels on their own. His goal is to promote good furry fiction that does not become porn.

In 2004, Matthias' story Never Again a Man won the Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Novel.


Matthias' musical skills are in piano performance and composition. He prefers to work in a classical style and has made many works which he has uploaded to YouTube.

Personal information[edit]

Matthias is a Christian fur and posts on the Furrs Fur Christ forums. He is married to his wife, Kimberly, and together they have adopted a little girl by the name of Angie. Charles remains proud of his daughter and many drawings of the two together can be seen on Fur Affinity.

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