C-65 Microbe Cluster

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The C-65 Microbe Cluster is a fictional concept featured in the Maranatha story series by Alex "Osfer" Vance.

Also known as the Henderson Cluster, this is group of organisms that colonises in certain hormone-producing glands of a host, causing an increase in libido that border on addiction as well as dulling the mental faculties. The host's body begins secreting certan substances in his bodily fluids which can be distilled into a very potent cross-species sex drug, superior in quality and effect to both Rut and Heat.

Short-term exposure causes acute symptoms very similar to drug withdrawal. Long-term exposure is known to affect the host's personality severely, altering their behaviour, as well as their prioritization processes.

In the story, this concept is a plot device, very much a MacGuffin. It's Unobtainium. How it works or even what it does isn't nearly as important as what the characters in the story are willing to do over it.

Writer: Alex Vance
Illustrators: Ayato · Distasty · Krahnos · Charha · Fel