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Darken's design of Byakko, his fursuit.
Darken's design of Byakko by Wrexodus
Byakko designed by Nanook123

DarkenTiger (also known as Lord Shadows, or sometimes called Tiger Taxi at con time; born April 1st, 1986) is a tiger furry, fursuiter and is a Content creator on YouTube as well as Twitch Affilate Streamer. who lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Darken discovered the furry fandom in 2002 when he met a friend who drew furry art and introduced him to deviantART. Darken initially had the username -SpiderWars- but later (2003) decided this did not suit him, and changed his name to "Lord-Shadows".

From that point, Darken started to learn more about the fandom, including such aspects as fursuiting and conventions. After seeing a picture of a fursuit made by WhiteyFawks, Darken decided he wanted a suit of his own.

During 2004, Darken created a character named Byakko Tiger for RPGs and art commissions, and it was this character he hoped to one day have made into a fursuit. It was also around this time that he set an account as "Lord-Shadows" on LiveJournal, where he encountered the artist, Nanook123.

Darken helped Nanook123 get to Anthrocon 2006 by buying a large number of commissions, and in return she helped him get a fursuit. Darken showed her a picture of Byakko drawn in 2005 by Wrexodus, and with his permission she put a little of her own artistic style into the design.

At the start of 2006, Darken made plans to fly to Vancouver, Canada, at the end of the year to visit some furs there. At the same time, Nanook123 started to design a fursuit for him, and they planned it together as he worked to pay for it.

As Nanook123 was the concept artist for Latin Vixen, Darken's costume would be one from MixedCandy. During his trip to Canada, Darken would also have the chance to attend his first overseas con (Further Confusion 2007). With that in mind, Latin Vixen planned to get his suit done in time for FC, and when Darken and the rest of the Vancouver Area Furs arrived, Darken got a call to pick up his suit. Although Darken never met Latin Vixen, he was very excited and pleased with the costume.

Darken has since commissioned a second fursuit, Stryker T. Wuff, made by Lacy and CloudPouncer. Which made a debut at MiDfur 12.[1]

Real life[edit]

In real life, Darken is a 6'3" tall, average-built, easy-going guy, who likes to get to know people before judging them. He is half Australian and half Lebanese, and loves to make people smile by being the clown in any group he is in.

Once, Darken decided to help furs get to and from Melbourne airport for MiDFur, at which point "Tiger Taxi" was born. The name came about when the cast of ACTfur On Air needed a lift from Manifest (a Melbourne anime festival) to their hotel. After Darken offered them transportation, Carnival shouted, "THANK YOU TIGER TAXI".

Darken has been a volunteer worker at Melbourne Zoo since 2005, and also volunteers his time at the RSPCA in Burwood, in the dog shelter.

As of February, 2013, he is studying to get Diploma of Digital Media Technologies.

Events attended[edit]

  • Further Confusion 2007: Fur your Eyes Only
  • Eurofurence 18(2012), 20(2014), 21(2015)
  • Manifest 2007, 2008 & 2009
  • MiDFur 9(2007), 10(2008), 11(2009), 12(2010), 13(2012), 14(2012)
  • Confurgence (2014)
  • RivFur 2009, 2012
  • Armageddon Expo 2008, 2009, 2012
  • DoujiCon 2007
  • Swan Con 2007
  • JMoF 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


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