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The Butyals are an original species created by Furaffinity user Klivord (who is not a Butyal) They have 6 fingers on each hand, and 4 ears. They can't swim but can breathe air or water. Their dark black blood contains high levels of lead (which they are use to and also why they can't swim. Butyals usually have two colors with the second being sparse. They inhabit the planet Pitooth. They have the same gender differences as people and they are all naturally straight. They can't gain weight And fatty foods are often lethal to them because they clog up their hearts which already have to work more Than human ones in order to pump lead filled blood. Butyals are fairly strong and have their own language hitch is also Called Butyal. For pictures and more detail about this species visit Klivord's page at furaffinity some of his amateur artwork helps a lot .