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Butterscotch. Artwork by J3T and Spectra Vixen.

Cal Foxx, formerly known as Calientra Kitsune, Cali, and Butterscotch Vixen (former real life name Susan Butterscotch Foxx), born December 7, 1965,[1] is a furry who lives in Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.A.[1]


Cal Foxx's Bio states "Cal Foxx.... most recently known in the Furry Fandom as Calientra Kitsune, and formerly known as Butterscotch Vixen before that, is a yellow and white, five-tailed kitsune. He is a Professional Truck Driver, who travels all over the US. [...] Cal suffered from both gender and species dysphoria, and, for quite a while, lived as a female in the real world, going by the name of Susan Foxx. However, he has now decided that being a male suits him best, and has put the life of Susan behind him. Cal has also decided that he needs to get back to the life that he misses and loved so much in the past, that of a farmer."[1]

Cali lived in Kansas City, Missouri with Spectra Vixen, and Angel Macleod. Cali and Spectra were pawfasted on September 2, 2007, at Mephit Fur Meet 2007.[2]

In late 2008, Cali became more aware of a true Kitsune nature, changed from the name Butterscotch to Calientra Kitsune.

By June 2010, Cali was Cal Foxx in real life, and had transitioned back to male. Previously, Cal had been living full time as a female, and was on hormone replacement therapy starting around 2005.

Cal has been in a monogamous relationship with Angel Macleod[3] since Feb 12th, 2010.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Involved in furry since about 2000. Cali has staffed furry cons, and is a regular at Mephit Furmeet and Midwest FurFest. Cali was staff at Midwest FurFest 2009, attended with Spectra Vixen and their then-third, mutual mate, Fyremane Stonebender.

Cali had an account on Second Life as Calientra Violet.

Cali used to be active in puppetry, with a puppet, FoxAnn, that used to make frequent appearances at convention puppet shows, sometimes as an emcee.

A former member of the Lake Area Furry Friends, Cal was once the chairperson/organizer of their bowling event.


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