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Butch the Comic Series
Author(s) Fuu Gaiden
Update schedule Ongoing
Launch date January 14, 2006
Genre Adult, Action, Adventure, Comedy
Censor NC17.png

Butch RPG (Japanese: 派對 乱暴者 Hofuru Party) is a series of comics and illustrations placed together and made for the general public by the artist Fuu Gaiden.

Featuring a cat and a dog as it's two main protagonists, Butch is a story told during the year 3039 inside a large metropolis where people and anthropomorphic animals co-exist together.

The X-rated comic along with other adult images are available on Fur Affinity, while general images are available on deviantART.


  • Kai (Japanese: ケー Kai) [Ed] is the leader
  • Yuki (Japanese: ユウキ Yuuki) [Tom] is the partner
  • Midori (Japanese: 緑 モチノキ科 Midori Hori) [Holly Greene]
  • Kepuraa (Japanese: ケプラー ロイ Kepuraa Roi) [Kepler] is the Villain

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