Bunny and Bear

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Bunny and Bear
Bunny and Bear Tapas icon.png
Author(s) Jordann William Edwards

Bunny and Bear is a webcomic created by Jordann William Edwards. It is a sister series to The Dynamite Twins and Friends, and is much more kid-friendly.


Edwards created the characters in 2009 as a tribute to his two younger sisters.

In 2015, he tested the waters of book publishing by making a book, entitled Bunny and Bear and the Lemonade.[1]

Recently, after creating the ColorWorld Universe, Edwards decided to reboot the comics, and created a site on Tapas.


Bunny is the co-lead of the series. She's the adopted sister of Willie.

Bear is the co-lead of the series. She's considered to be more of a pessimist.

Jasper is Bunny and Willie's neighbour, and is a very shy dog.


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