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This article is about a UK based radio show. For the book series, see Bunny Suicides.
Bunny Suicide
Host(s) TornadoCreator, Various
Website ?
Update schedule Saturday 10PM Eastern, 7PM Pacific
Launch date October 2005
End Date May 2006
Genre Talk, advice
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Bunny Suicide was an Internet radio show fashioned after its late 2 Sense counterpart, and hosted by United Kingdom furries. The show was based around letters answered by TornadoCreator and his co-hosts in an advice columnist style although some answers are humorous and/or extremely opinionated. As well as the letters Bunny Suicide contains a segment called the American Dumb Laws and general conversation on current affairs.

The show ran from October 2005 until May 2006. It was originally part of a website called Angry Bastards.[citation needed] It was then later distributed at DrakeGTA[citation needed] and finally added to the shows list at Furry Broadcasting Corporation (FBC). It was intended for mature audiences, as the show contains comments which some viewers may consider offensive.[clarify]

After 19 episodes the show went off the air after TornadoCreator's computer broke beyond repair causing the loss of the only complete archive of the show as well as his ability to record the show. Currently NemFX has shows 1-14, and most of show 15, but is regretfully missing the first ten to fifteen minutes from the beginning. Shows 16-19 were lost permanently. Shows 20-28 are available to download on the FBC. NemFX has the most complete archive of the show known to exist, including those owned by the show producers themselves.[citation needed]


  • Fatmandell, the most regular of the co-hosts was in all but 6 of the 19 shows, he is an Oceanography student in Bangor University originally born in Yorkshire, England in 1987.
  • Paddi joined the show later and became a welcome change from the more wild opinions and comic conversations that TC and Fatmandell discussed bringing a slightly more grounded and logical perspective into the show, born in Essex, England in 1986, but raised in Newcastle (he can be picky on that detail). He is also a student at Bangor University.
  • Evis joined the show shortly after its rebirth. He claims he isn't a furry. Given that he's on a furry radio show, on a furry radio station, most of his friends are furries, and he's been given a fursona by NemFX, we're pretty sure he's in denial.
  • Cyrus co-hosted the show for a total of 3 shows during the Christmas period when the other co-hosts were out of town. He is the brother of TornadoCreator, currently a student in Birkenhead, and was born in 1988.
  • Jaie, the host of The Brainstew and the General Manager of the FBC appeared on the show once, this was on one of the later episodes which is unfortunately lost.
  • Réizàr, another host for the FBC with Mediaphillia, appeared on Bunny Suicide twice, including one occasion in which TornadoCreator and Réizàr appeared on each other's show in the same week. Again these were some of the later shows which are currently lost.
  • KingGeorge, a temporary room mate who joined the show for two episodes to provide an outsiders perspective as a non-furry, unfamiliar with the furry fandom (unlike Evis). It was claimed his voice sounds like Tim Curry.
  • Lucky Red, a UK furry and close friend of TC, Paddi, Evis and Fatmandell. Lucky Red joined the show as a counterpoint. A conservative, Christian who never swore and was generally polite he acted as an opposition on most of the points as the show was largely liberal, atheistic and occasionally crude. He gained a large fan base claiming he was cute, despite only being in three episodes.

The show was due to return exclusively to the FBC on September 22nd 2006 where it will also be available in the Podcast and Downloads section along with all other shows on the FBC. It was unfortunately delayed by a week due to unknown circumstances and returned on September 29th 2006. The show started again from episode 1 as TornadoCreator has deemed the past shows a previous 'series' and due to more than half of the episodes being lost would rather start the series from scratch calling it "Bunny Suicide ver 2.0", unfortunately only two episodes where produced as technical faults caused the show to end prematurely.

The name Bunny Suicide for the show does not in fact have anything to do with the books by the same name which TornadoCreator has said he enjoys but due to an audio-clip sent to TornadoCreator of Garr saying the words 'Bunny Suicide' in the tone made famous on 2 Sense. This audio-clip was then made into the intro-music for the show and it is believed that it will be used again for the next series.

Bunny Suicide is intended to restart (with a new name?) after almost two years on hiatus in early 2010 on the website Mars Horizon (marshorizon.com) with a slightly different format. TornadoCreator will remain host with calls from Skype allowing a multitude of co-hosts on rotation. The original co-hosts now, all living in different areas are expected to return intermittently. The show is rumoured to be renamed "Yet More BS".

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