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Bunnies & Burrows was a roleplaying game first published in 1976. Players take on the roles of rabbits or other animals, keeping the abilities and disabilities of the characters as close to real-world rabbits as possible, complete with a lack of technology, opposable thumbs and a very limited strength..

It was republished in 1992 as one of the many role-playing games modules produced for GURPS.


The original introduced rules for seers, herbalism and empathic healing.

The SJG module uses the standard GURPS engine, as developed by Steve Jackson Games with new skills and abilities related to low-tech rabbits. Rabbit lifecycles, burrows, medicinal herbs and other denizens of the forest are introduced at length.


While it is possible to play as hardcore non-sentient rabbits, it also allows for Aesopian fairy tale rabbits, using trickery, fast-talking and evasion to combat the many predators and enemies in the woods. The classic novel Watership Down has also inspired the game.

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