The Liquidator

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The Liquidator is one of the many villains appearing in Disney's Darkwing Duck. He is a hound of indeterminate species made entirely out of water. Originally named Bud Flood, he was a bottled water salesman who owned the Sparkling Crystal Pure Flood bottled water company. During a heatwave in St. Canard, Flood tried to get a leg up on his competitors by poisoning their water supplies with toxic chemicals. He was caught in the act by Darkwing Duck and ended up falling into one of the tainted vats, where he melted. He did not die however, and instead his molecules became fused with the chemicals, transforming him into a being made entirely out of water.

His only solo episode was also his debut episode, entitled Dry Hard. After this he joined forces with Negaduck and became a member of the Fearsome Five, and remained in this capacity for the rest of the series.