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Depiction of Bucky's Otter character, art by Ressie

Bucky, also known as Bucky Otter' and Ninjahorse (born 1987), is a UK furry and career/professional firefighter who lives in Norfolk, England.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Bucky's first encounter with the furry fandom was the discovery of Bob Drake's art on Bob's personal website in 2000. His involvement in the fandom increased in 2006 after moving to Leicester, where he met well known furry artist Ressie. The two have been friends since.

Bucky started drawing and writing furry material before becoming involved in the midfurs meets and community in 2006. He started attending the London meets the same year and met his former fiancé Lapushka/ {Lappie} at an after party held to celebrate Lappie's 18th birthday. Whilst stationed in Suffolk between 2010 and 2012, Bucky played an active part in organising and hosting the fledgling East Anglian furmeets held in the city of Norwich, and attended the London meets until late 2020. He met his current partner, Oat Mouse, in 2014.

Career and Firefighting[edit]

After a brief spell working on a fishing trawler, Bucky joined the army as an infantry soldier in 2006 and took up firefighting on a part time basis in 2010. This later triggered a move across to the Royal Air Force to become a full time Air Force firefighter in 2017. Bucky's time in the military involved travelling around the world to such places as the Middle East, Europe and the Falkland Islands.

He left the military in 2022 and now lives in rural Norfolk. He is currently employed as a full time/career firefighter for Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.

Other Interests[edit]

Bucky's hobbies include world travel, sailing, fishing, kayaking and riding motorcycles.

Exit from the Fandom[edit]

Bucky ceased involvement with the fandom after 21 years in mid 2021. He no longer attends furry events and his Furaffinity account, as well as his furry social media accounts have been erased.


Bucky is a North American river otter.

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