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Brynn (born January 31, 1989) is a member of the furry fandom and general art appreciator. Her fursona is a black and white border collie with fading pink-to-white markings and blue eyes.

Involvement in the fandom[edit]

As of 2008, Brynn has been involved in various aspects of the furry community for six years, and is most active on deviantART and LiveJournal. For the most part, she sticks to a trusted few "packmembers", though she is fairly friendly once she gets over being cautious.

Brynn has a love of commissioned artwork and is a frequent patron of furry artists in general.

Life outside the furry fandom[edit]

Brynn's real name is Christy. She lives in South Carolina and is very proud of her southern heritage.

Brynn is, admittedly, a country collie, and lives on family land with her five border collies, two dobermans, a shepherd mix and a sheltie mix. She is employed at PetsMart where she works full-time as a groomer.

In her spare time, she most often can be found playing with her dogs and doing a little bit of art on the side.

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