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Bryndle Sibe, or just Bryndle, is an anthro artist and fursuiter.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Bryndle discovered the furry fandom in early 2008, when she had seen the term "furry" used on a forum and looked up the definition.


Bryndle Sibe's fursona is a light copper Siberian husky with medium length red hair. She sports glasses, a purple banded marking going around the middle of her tail, and three purple dots under her left eye. Bryndle is heterochromatic, having a blue left eye and green right eye. Her clothing varies.

The last name "Sibe" was chosen because Bryndle feared that she may be confused with a wolf, cat, or even a fox.


Bryndle owns two completed fursuits:

  • a partial husky fursuit of Bryndle
  • a partial pink rat named Rexxy

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