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Brushwell's fursona

Brushwell Clinton, also known as Boris, Brenys, Esprit, Aquamarine, Cathode, TheBee, and formerly Ploughshare, is a Scottish fur who lives in Glasgow, UK. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. He is a furry writer, although his work is mainly private.

His specialist subjects are memetics, the cultures of the furry fandom, psychology, and revolutionary literature. His company, Brownfeather Ltd, is registered as a limited company in the Republic of Restoration, is owned and operated by Restoration Holdings, and makes up the telecommunications infrastructure of the micronation.

He is the owner and founder of the IRC channel #medfurs on AnthroChat.


Brushwell Clinton is a brown-feathered Gryphon. He wears a brown faux-leather jacket, under which is a simple shirt and tie. His lower body is clad with light-golden-brown full-length trousers, and on his foot-talons he wears black Dr. Martens workboots. A little brown mouse called Brenys sits on his shoulder, as he is one of Brushwell's alternate fursonas.

Other alternate fursonas of his are Boris (a Soviet Russian coon, see Soviet Furs), Esprit (an orca), Aquamarine (a three-foot high Nazi penguin, and Cathode (a polar bear). He also occasionally turns into TheBee. For some time, he had the cockroach fursona Ploughshare until he found out that nick had been taken by somebody else.

Brushwell's left leg is somewhat bent due to a permanent disability, and he walks with a crutch, as does Brushwell in real life.

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