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Brittany Shadowwolf (born 1990) is an anthropomorphic artist and fursuit builder. She is named after her old dog, which was a Brittany Spaniel.


Brittany's fursona, Shadowwolf, is a purple and white dire wolf dire wolf who has a taste for blood and candy. She is 5'4", but does not like to be called "short".

Shadow has three big spikes on her back, which weigh about 100 pounds. If one were cut in half, her age could be determined like a tree.

Brittany has a variety of other characters which can be seen in her online galleries.


Brittany has been in the fandom since around 1999, and she started drawing as a child. She designs and creates her own fursuits, and owns a small business called Insomniac Creations, where she builds costumes and hoodies.

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