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BritFur was an proposed furry convention, seemingly due to happen in 2005 in Manchester, England, considered by some[who?] to have been a parody and/or hoax.


The idea for a British furry convention has been under debate for some time. Several groups attempted to organize something, apparently without success.[citation needed]

BritFur 2005 was scheduled to take place November 4-6,[1] failing to actually happen.[clarify] Furthermore, the proposed 2006 convention[2] did not occur as announced, either.[clarify]Tippus Tailus, the convention's organizer, created the illusion of this UK furry con, which included a "website" for the event, under the idea that if he announced the formation of England's first furcon, it would gather enough fan interest to make it happen.[citation needed]RBW actually did start in 2006, although it took several years to become what is now accepted as a convention.


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