Brimstone Badger

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Brimstone Badger
Mitchell Kent Hilton.jpeg
Real name Mitchell Kent Hilton
Other names Mitch, Junkshop Coyote
Born May 25, 1967
Date of death February 22, 2019
Profession or hobby Musician, songwriter
Character species Badger

Brimstone Badger, formerly known as Junkshop Coyote (real name Mitchell (Mitch) Kent Hilton;[1] born May 25, 1967 on Terre Haute, Indiana, USA - died February 22, 2019), was a furry singer, songwriter, and musician who lived in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He ran a music label called Hallo Excentrico!.


Brimstone's original fursona was an elderly, gay, male silver coyote with glasses, a pot belly, and white mad-scientist headfur; Junkshop Coyote later changed his fursona to that of a badger named Brimstone.

Convention attendance[edit]


Early in February 2019, Brimstone was diagnosed with advanced small intestinal cancer, he passed away later that month on February 22nd.


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