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Orzel (born 1970 in New Jersey) is a furry whose pesona is Orzel the Tastyeagle, an anthropomorphic Golden Eagle.

He exists as Orzel on FurryMUCK and Tapestries MUCK. He also shows up on the Anthrochat IRC network, with occasional forays into FurNet. And rarely, he can be found as Orzel LeMay on Second Life.

The human behind Orzel[edit]

Born in New Jersey in 1970, Orzel has gone on to live in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Illinois in his travels through life.

In 1999, he obtained a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Illinois, and then moved to California. There he moved from place to place, city to city, renting house after house. He currently lives in Mountain View, California.

History in Furry[edit]

Orzel became interested in the furry fandom some time in the early 1990's, casually reading the Usenet group alt.fan.furry. In May 1993, he asked on Usenet for any information that would help him learn more about the fandom. In November 1993, Orzel was created as a character on FurryMUCK.

In October 1995, Orzel attended his first furry convention, ConFurence East 1. Since then he has served on staff for Anthrocon in an auxiliary fashion, helping out backstage for the Masquerade for a couple of years. He has also served as Masquerade Second for Further Confusion 2001, and Masquerade Lead for Further Confusion 2002.


Orzel as Brillo at Anthrocon 2007

Orzel owns two fursuits: Brillo the Scrub Jay, built by Twig in 2004, and Caspian the Tern, built by Red XIX in 2006.

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