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Brian Eirik Coe was a transformation-genre writer who formed both 1/3 of the Great Round Robin author-story collective (alongside Jon Sleeper and Bryan Derksen) and 1/5 of the successive Teen Round Robin (alongside Sleeper, Derksen, Trey McElveen and Doug Linger). Both collectives are set within Sleeper's original The Winds of Change universe.

He has also written stories (and story universes) on a solo basis, many of which branched off into other genres. At least one story of his, Bon Voyage, Mon Ami (1993, pub. 1996), was published by the now defunct San Luis Obispo-based Voice XIII monthly 1. He also hosted the original archive of the Round Robin collectives on his website.

On February 23, 2022 Jon Sleeper announced to the TSA-Talk mailing list that Brian's daughter informed him of Brian's passing that day.

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