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Breezly and Sneezly is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon first broadcast on September 16, 1964 as part of Peter Potamus and his Magic Flying Balloon. Breezly Bruin, a comical, resourceful polar bear, and his friend Sneezly Seal, a droopy seal with a perpetual cold, live in an igloo in the Arctic. Many of the episodes deal with Breezly's ambitious yet ultimately doomed plans to break into the local army camp and steal cold-medicine for Sneezly.

23 episodes were produced.

Episode list[edit]

01, No Place Like Home

02, All Riot On The Northern Front

03, Missle Fizzle

04, Mass Masquerade

05, Furry Furlough

06, Bruin Ruin

07, Freezing Fleas

08, Stars & Gripes

09, Armored Armour

10, As The Snow Flies

11, Snow Biz

12, Unseen Trouble

13, Nervous In The Service

14, Birthday Bonanza

15, Wacky Waikiki

16, General Nuisance

17, Rookie Wrecker

18, Noodick Of The North

19, The Fastest Bear In The North

20, Snow Time Show Time

21, Goat A Go Go

22, Spy In The Ointment

23, All Ill Wind

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