Breakpoint City

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Breakpoint City
Author(s) Brian Emling
Update schedule Irregular
Launch date June 30, 2000
End Date Continuing
Genre science fiction, comedy
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Breakpoint City is a webcomic by Brian Emling. A science fiction/comedy series, it began on June 30, 2000,[1] and contains furry elements.


Breakpoint City tells the story of inventor Ben Megawatt, who invents a time machine and, along with Dan (his pet dog), makes a one-way trip into the future.[2] The titular Breakpoint City is the nation's first hovering city, built in Summit County, Ohio, USA.


The characters in Breakpoint City are:[3]

Main characters[edit]

  • Benjamin F. Megawatt, an inventor. Whilst travelling to the future, he was transformed into a supercharged, electricity-conducting hero. He now defends Breakpoint City using his scientific talents and keen eye for invention.
  • Dan, Ben’s pet dog, who has been given the gift of speech via a special translato-collar.
  • Sofia, a professional super-heroine, and one of the first future residents that Ben and Dan meet.

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Waffledog, Dan’s alter ego (at least in his mind). Waffledog dreams of a life of crime-busting, and delicious baked goods.
  • Milo Schroedinger, a cat with a better-than-thou attitude who has decided to be Dan’s new friend.
  • Tack "Tacky" Turkey, a giant talking gamebird who runs a restaurant.
  • Dr. Ebenezer Mizkit, a brilliant scientist driven mad by allegations of ripping off other inventors. He is Ben’s token arch-rival.
  • Zaltor, an outer-space extra-dimensional emperor.
  • Master Plan, a most-feared robotic bounty hunter.
  • Kira Earhart, an up-and-coming bounty hunter on the galaxy.
  • Mort the Eggplant, an anthropomorphic eggplant.


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