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"Ruining the magic"[1][2] (also "break[ing] the magic"), refers to actions taken by a fursuiter or cosplayer that deviate performance conventions in a way that interferes with viewers' suspension of disbelief, "the magic". When the magic is ruined, the viewer is reminded that they are seeing a costume with a person inside roleplaying a fictional character. The behavior can be out of character or break the fourth wall.

There are several methods by which one can ruin the magic. A common one is by poodling, or allowing one's skin to be visible while wearing a fursuit when not appropriate for the character. Speaking, especially when the jaw of the fursuit does not move with that of the wearer, is another method.

RTM and furry[edit]

Within the furry fandom, ruining the magic can be frowned upon. Sometimes it is necessary to do so for safety reasons, like preventing overheating. Because of the safety concerns, most conventions will have designated a "headless lounge" to accommodate breaks for the performer.


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