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Bre Bleats, also known as Bremen and BreTheRam (born February 10,[1] 1989, in Connecticut, USA), is a furry artist and fursuiter who live in San Francisco, California.[2] They work in Information technology.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Bre discovered the furry fandom in the late 1990s via mascots, though they created furry like characters since they were a child. In the early 2000s, they discovered more people online that, as they could understand, made up their own animal characters and had their own custom suits.

Bre discovered joined Fur Affinity and began to post their art online in 2007, attending conventions by 2010.


Originally a canine,[3] Bre Bleats' character is a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. He is grumpy, cynical, ornery, cantankerous and enjoys stomping around in a kilt.

Convention attendance[edit]


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