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Brathor Cyr (born born November 27,[1] 1984) is a furry writer who lives with his partner in central Illinois in the United States. His fursona is a wolf.[2]


Brathor was born in Utah, and grew up in the inter-mountain western U.S. (primarily Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming). In 2003, he began attending Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. He returned to NIU in 2009 to pursue a Master's degree in professional writing. Brathor is currently a technical writer.[3].

As a writer, Brathor has been active in the fandom since about 2003, when his stories began to appear on Furry Pleasures and Yiffstar. His first published story, Christmas in Ghost Hall, appeared in the anthology Holidays, released by Fur Planet at Midwest FurFest 2011. He began using the Cyr surname with his writing in 2012. Brathor's writing has primarily been gay erotica short stories, but he has expressed an interest speculative, historical, and horror fiction genres.

In 2020, he transitioned from a border collie fursona to a wolf.

Brathor is a member of the Furry Writers' Guild. Several of his stories are available on on SoFurry, Fur Affinity, and InkBunny.


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