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Bradly, also known as Braly33 and Clarity66, previously known as Willy Skunk and Seferin33 (real name Billy Shinyo Ross III; born March 2, 1977), is an otherkin furry artist, writer and poet who lives in Oskaloosa, Iowa, USA.[1] He draws many pictures, not only of his fursona, but others as well.

On October 6, 2012, Bhikkhu Samahita initiated him into Theravada Buddhism, and again on March 16, 2013.[clarify]

On June 6, 2013, Rev. Koyo Kubose initiated him into Japanese Mahayana Buddhism, where he'll be a lay minister.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Bradly had an awakening when he was ten years old. That was the start of him being a dragon otherkin. He had a nightmare when he was 11 years old. In the dream, he was a black dragon drinking from a lake and a rock on the cliff killed him in the dream. That is when he woke up and realized he was a dragon otherkin. His otherkin name is Kail.


Bradly's fursona is a four-year-old black dragon babyfur. He has black scales and green eyes.

Bradly's original fursona, Willy Skunk, was a black skunk. This skunk had single white stripe that extended from his tail to the top of his head. His face had a white stripe that went from the top of his forehead to the tip of his nose, which was pink. His chest had a white round fur mark. Willy had green eyes.


On Fur Affinity, he writes poetry for people to enjoy.

In his short stories and poems, he writes about Eddy Skunk, Ozzie Skunk and many other characters. He writes short stories about Willy Skunk, his wife Kelly Fox, and their kids, Bobby Skunk and Emily Fox. He enjoys this as a way to express his creativity.


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