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bowrll (born April 1986), is a furry artist and animator who lives in Pennsylvania, USA.


In real life, bowrll is a animator at a New York City video game company. She enjoys animating and online gaming.


bowrll's character is a yellow snake, closely related to the saharan horned viper, or cerastes cerastes. Unlike the viper, bowrll has a rattle. bowrll's personality can be described as eager to please, clumsy and mildly annoying at times. Her heart is always in the right place, however, which makes her easily tricked, as she is quite gullible.


Each section of the rattle floats off of the tip of the tail. bowrll has three freckles on each cheek, and some scattered down her body. She has two horns, above the eyes. Her eyes are brown, similar in color to the freckles. Her mouth and tongue are purple, and though rarely shown, she does have fangs.

When in anthro form, bowrll forms arms out of whatever long sleeve shirt she is wearing, usually a dark gray hooded sweatshirt. She does not have hands, or arms for that matter. Her sleeves are, in essence, her arms. She dons a hat, and underneath that a short brown wig. She does not gain legs.


bowrll tends to lean more towards cutesy art, as it comes more easily to her. She draws huge egg-shaped eyes with irises that contain no pupils. She rarely draws eyebrows. She tends to exaggerate ears and tails by making them bigger than they really are.

Her most frequently updated gallery is her Fur Affinity, as her deviantART, were abandoned long ago.

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