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Books of the Named, or the Ratha series, is a sequence of five novels written by Clare Bell, about a clan of intelligent, sapient, prehistoric cats known as the Named. The titles in the series are Ratha's Creature, Clan Ground, Ratha and Thistle-chaser, Ratha's Challenge, and Ratha's Courage.



Characters within the Ratha series include:

  • Ratha, the young female who tames fire and becomes the clan leader.
  • Thakur, the clan herding teacher, who instructs the cubs how to care for the animals that the Named keep.
  • Fessran, the feisty Firekeeper leader who is in charge of the torchbearing Firekeepers.
  • Thistle-chaser, Ratha's crippled and abandoned daughter who returns to the clan.
  • Bira, a gentle and patient female Firekeeper with a gorgeous red-gold coat and plumed tail.

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