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Booby Tales is a Japanese doujin fighting game created using Fighter Maker 95. It is of furry interest because the majority of characters are anthropomorphic animals.

List of Characters[edit]

  • Benga- a chain smoking tiger in a suit
  • Dowl- a fedora wearing wolf
  • Ia- rabbit
  • Wao- a pirate kung-fu monkey
  • Pelsha- a magic using cat
  • Chesha- a magic using cat (may be related to Pelsha, and may be the game's last boss)
  • Carat- a cat (appears to be the game's training dummy)
  • Cory- dog
  • Shiba- dog
  • Pacu- bulldog
  • Kokumaru- ninja crow
  • Green- turtle
  • King- a crown wearing snake
  • Makko- a whale
  • Vixel- fox
  • Himizz- mole, he is the game's grappler
  • Eurycea- a fire breathing otter?
  • Stripe- a chipmunk? He carries a huge sword.
  • Aligay- an alligator
  •  ?- a giant egg (appears to be the game's sub level boss).

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