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Boo and Kye is a series of short stories based around a pet skunk (Boo) and his dragon master (Kye), written by Foxy Paws in 2013 and published on his Fur Affinity and SoFurry pages.

Theme Concept[edit]

The Boo and Kye series is a collection of short stories based around the yiffing adventures of a pet skunk (Boo) and his dragon master (Kye). They were inspired by Blue Voltaire (SkunkishBlue) and Kaidron Dragon, and feature a small cast of other characters.


  • Taster: This is the story of a novice pet - a virgin skunk - and his first introduction to dragon meat by way of a playfully loving yet clearly dominant master. This work was based on a Little Skunk Adventures story written by SkunkishBlue, which Foxy Paws rewrote in his own style (with permission from the author) having enjoyed reading the original.
  • Biscuit: Little Boo is generally a cute and well-behaved pet, however now and then he forgets the lowly position he has in his master's household and when that happens - for his own benefit - he receives the humiliating punishment he deserves. That's only because his master loves him, however, and when Boo drops the corner-time biscuit on the floor well there's no telling what might happen next... This was the first Boo and Kye story created by Foxy Paws.
  • Hungry: Boo's appetite for his master sometimes gets the better of him and, although Kye is patient, now and again the little skunk needs reminding of his position. In this case, that includes being tied to the bed and punished, and being ordered onto all fours for a spit-roasting. However, Kye knows his pet is good at heart and realises how bad the little skunk feels for letting him down, so the master takes Boo in his paws to show how much he loves him.
  • Musty: Boo is won by another skunk following a slave-raffle, and Musty - the other skunk - comes to claim his prize. Naturally, Boo's master first makes sure that his pet is squeaky clean before their visitor arrives, and then after that it's all down to Musty who seems to have a fascination for nipples and other round parts of the anatomy. When Boo's tongue finally tires, Musty takes both the initiative and the little skunk's tail-hole, with Kye's well trained pet cleaning up afterwards.
  • Rainfall: Boo joins Kye for a trip to the countryside, where it starts raining and the little skunk is moved to show he's not ashamed of being seen in public with his dragon master. Then after retreating to their log cabin, a quick shower and a meal, the furry couple settle down to sleep in front of the fire. There's just one thing that his master had been promising all day, and Boo wasn't going to remain hungry...
  • Mall: Kye volunteers Boo to help promote fandom awareness on World Furry Day, deciding that his pet is best suited to the yiffing stall. Boo is taken to the local shopping mall where he is suitably stripped, used and abused for the benefit of others. The young skunk finds himself on a horse, on all fours, and finally over a desk as he takes everything in his stride (and other places) to spread the knowledge and pleasure of yiff to the public at large.
  • Dawning: Boo buys his master a surprise birthday gift, and not one that Kye had ever expected to wear. However, with just a little prompting and only a small yank, the pet skunk and his the dragon master get to explore the dizzy delights of switching. A lesson for skunks, dragons, subs and doms everywhere... This work is continued in the Boo and Kye story "Frills". It was developed from an idea by SkunkishBlue, to feature role-reversal where pet dominates master, and dedicated to Kaidron for his birthday. The title refers to both day-break (after which the characters will revert to their normal roles), and the dawning of awareness as to how it feels to experience the reversed roles.
  • Frills: The night is not yet over, so young Boo takes the chance to introduce a reluctant Kye to the pleasures of ladies’ lingerie, not to mention edged fapping and a dose of fisting and rimming. Fortunately the little skunk is not adverse to delivering a firm, pawed punishment when required in order to keep his versatile master in submissive role until the pillow finally beckons. This work is a continuation of the Boo and Kye story "Dawning". It was developed from an idea by SkunkishBlue, to feature role-reversal where pet dominates master, and dedicated to Kaidron for his birthday. The title refers to the frilly underwear appearing in the story (for forced feminization) and is a pun on the word "thrills".
  • Diesel: Diesel the doberman takes advantage when little skunk Boo makes a mistake and submits his dragon master Kye as a slave for auction. Diesel is determined to plunder his first dragon, taking the reluctant submissive for a trip to the woods where Kye discovers whether the doberman really is as large as some furs claim. The question is, who ends up on top?
  • Schooling: Musty, the skunk who once won Boo in a raffle, talks about his first experiences of being a dominant, gay furry. At the same time, and its not a coincidence, the reader learns about a dragon boi’s awakening at the submissive end of the spectrum. Musty conquers the young dragon in two stages; firstly alone on his knees in a locker-room, and then more thoroughly over a desk with the help of two rats in an old school attic. This work is continued in the Boo and Kye story "Attitude".
  • Outfoxed: Skunk pet Boo and his dragon master Kye are caught playing in the woods, or rather they catch the narrator of this story as he watches them have fun together in a woodland clearing. Kye takes the opportunity to let his pet top for a while, before he pairs up with the skunk to deliver double domination and ultimately introduce the unnamed narrator to the duties of a furry fandom pet. It's left unclear as to who the narrator is, if indeed it's any particular fur at all.
  • Attitude: Musty the dominant skunk and his two rat chums organize a rendez-vous for their new dragon boi bitch, to see just how much he trusts his master and is willing to obey him. There's the prospect of yiff, kneeling, lying down, or taken from behind against a window - but only if the dragon avoids being disowned and having his collar removed. And, when it comes to potential humiliation, there's the small matter of ladies lingerie and a tutu. This work is a continuation of the Boo and Kye story "Schooling".
  • Equine: Once again, Diesel the doberman comes up trumps when misfortune's clammy hand deals Kye the dragon a short Straw of Destiny. However, on this occasion, the canine also bids for Boo the pet skunk to join them on his uncle's farm. And so it is that the skunk and dragon find themselves on even, albeit straw-covered, ground under the watchful eyes and guiding paws of the dominant dog. Diesel proposes a game but Boo is not keen on the forfeit, and Kye makes a wise choice... or does he?

Principal Characters[edit]

  • Boo - A gay skunk, inspired by Blue Voltaire. Boo is Kye's pet, and sometimes lovingly referred to as "booboo" by his master. He is known for his long blue head-fur and rainbow collar.
  • Kye - A gay white furry dragon, inspired by Kaidron Dragon. Kye is Boo's master and Blaze's mate. He is known for his white fur, purple horns and claws, and yellow whiskers.

Secondary Characters[edit]

  • Blaze - A gay dragon, inspired by Drayke Blaze. Blaze is Kye's mate, and appears briefly in the story "Hungry".
  • Diesel - A doberman, originally appearing in the Frodo series of stories. Diesel was introduced into the Boo and Kye series (in "Diesel") so that Kye might be dominated by a character other than his pet skunk (the latter happening in "Dawning" and "Thrills").
  • Harvey - An expert and university lecturer on human/animal sexuality, originally appearing in the Frodo series of stories. Harvey appears in "Schooling" as a foil for Musty to relate his school-day memories in the second-person.
  • Musty - A bisexual skunk, school-friend of Ricky and Robby. Musty was created by Foxy Paws so that Boo might have a play-mate of his own species. He first appears in "Musty" and then later returns in "Schooling" (although the latter story reflects back on an earlier time in Musty's life).
  • Ricky - A rat, the inseperable mate of Robby and school-friend of Musty. Ricky appears with his mate and Musty in "Schooling" and its sequel "Attitude".
  • Robby - A rat, the inseperable mate of Ricky and school-friend of Musty. Robby appears with his mate and Musty in "Schooling" and its sequel "Attitude".