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Riptide posing at BLFC 2018

BoDoZo, also known as Riptide or Bo, is an artist, fursuiter, and fursuit-maker from California, USA. Bo graduated early from high school at age 16[1] to pursue a career in fursuit making. Since then, he has been independently running his fursuit-making company, "Bodozo Creations", which is based in San Diego, California[2]. Bo is also a regular competitor in dance competitions at various conventions in the USA[3].


  • Riptide - A male shark/dinosaur hybrid. His tail is made of water. He is often associated with surfing, beaches and marijuana. Bo mainly performs in Riptide during dance competitions.
  • Andromeda - An androgynous sergal. Though still his character, Bo has retired Andromeda's fursuit, and it is currently for sale. Bo performed in Andromeda at both the Anthrocon 2016 dance competition and the Further Confusion 2017 dance competition.
  • Jeff - A male giraffe/stegosaurus hybrid. This character does not have a fursuit counterpart.

All of Bo's fursuits were self-made.

Past Fursuits[edit]

  • Zella - A female cheshire fox. Zella was a past sona of Bo's that was recently sold due to a disconnect with the character.

YouTube Appearances[edit]


Bo has attended:


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