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Bob Drake is a musician, furry artist and fursuiter.

Bob began drawing anthropomorphic animals in the 1970's and discovered the furry community in 1995. His plump, sloppy, comfortable characters were unusual at the time and pioneered what later became known as the fatfurs movement. His art has appeared in Ten Furcent, the Museo de la Erotica in Barcelona Spain, and the Musée de l'Imaginaire in France. For a short while in the late 90's he also went by the name of Huskee.[1] Most of the art for which he is known in the furry fandom was drawn between 1990-2000. He has rarely drawn since then.

In 2007 he designed his first fursuit, named Beardog, and has performed around Europe with various musical groups in costume. Beardog's head was built by Primal Visions Design Studio from Drake's sketches.

Bob is well-known as a musician and recording engineer, having worked with George Clinton and Ice Cube[2]. He considered by some to be a seminal figure in the avant-progressive music scene[3].

Bob Drake performing with Thinking Plague at the Rock in Opposition festival, Carmaux France, September 2012


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