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Sabirae, one of few pig characters in the fandom. Art by Chaotikat.

A pig is any animal in the genus Sus (part of subfamily Suinae, which is part of family Suidae). The term is also used to refer to any other species of the pig family, which, as their appearance and some of their behaviors are considered by many to be unsavory, can have literal and figurative meanings. One of species it also refers to is the domestic pig (Sus domesticus). As a result, you see very few pig characters in the furry fandom.

In reality, not all pigs are fat, but because the domestic breeds are traditionally raised for meat, this is the most well-known stereotype. There are also breeds of pig kept for pets.

The Disney character Pumbaa from The Lion King is a warthog, had a pet peeve about being called a pig, insisting the more formal title of "Mister Pig".

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