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Blue Planet is an RPG revolving around the concept of an Earth that is 97% covered by water. The game plays on many fronts, from crime to capitalism to militarism.

The game features several anthropomorphic animal species, the Cats and the Silvas (which are primates) as well as orcas and dolphins. Further species are planned in later editions of the game.

Blue Planet is published by Biohazard Games, and distributed by Fantasy Flight Games, though a new deal is in the works for a new publisher and distributor.


Earth has sent a colony to Poseidon, but shortly thereafter suffered a worldwide famine that broke off contact with the colony world. Now, over half a century later, Earth has re-established contact with Poseidon, only to find that the colonists have had to adapt to a more rustic lifestyle, and most of them don't want anything to do with Earth.

Too bad.

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