Blue Crash Kit

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Blue Crash Kit
Author(s) Robert Hamm, Shannon Henry, and Amee "Caska" Gilmore
Update schedule Active, updated irregularly
Launch date Dec. 22, 2004

Blue Crash Kit is an online comic by Robert Hamm, Shannon Henry, and Amee "Caska" Gilmore featuring the wild tales of three polyamorous superheroes, Blue (Talon), Crash (Firecat), and Kit (Enigma/Pink Ninja). The three undergo hilarious missions where they save the world or random individuals from certain doom.

Along the way, a very eccentric supporting cast has been introduced, including the trio's neighbors Sarah and Seth, Kit's odd uncle Melvin, and Tizzy Dorkenheimer, an oddball reporter.

After being on hiatus since 2008-06-30, the strip is set to resume later this month.

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