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BlueCatRiolu, also known as Riolu The Blue Cat, formerly as Riolu947 (born Feburary 19, 2000), is a former artist who lives in the United States. He was active as an artist from 2012 up until 2019, when all of his accounts were shut down due to a grooming scandal.


Riolu's fursona is a blue cat with a Pokéball tag on his collar. It first appeared in PokéSpies Unite, a comic Riolu did where he originally went by his real name, Nick.[1] Prior to 2014, he used a Riolu as his pokemon original character, which was based off the same name.

Grooming and pedophilia scandal[edit]

On May 17th, 2018, artist LunaTheGoat made a post on the grooming habits of BlueCatRiolu, as well as two other DeviantArt users. In the initial post, LunaTheGoat made light to a Discord server Riolu ran that mainly consisted of minors practicing real-life inflation, an act that the author made clear was dangerous to perform. Luna also pointed to his fixation with Sagwa, an underaged furry character, as a potential sign of him being a child groomer and pedophile. [2]

On August 6th, 2019, BlueCatRiolu was confirmed to be arrested and questioned by local authorities on grounds of child grooming.[3] While it lead to his mother forcing him to shut down all of his accounts and take down most, if not all, of his artwork, he was ultimately let go on August 7th due to his positive diagnosis of Autism.[4]


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