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The bloodchecker (properly known as the Hemoscopic Pathogen Analyzer, often called simply a 'checker or HPA) is a fictional device from Blue Forest by K. M. Hirosaki.

The bloodchecker is a small, portable device that, true to its namesake, checks a patient's blood for any signs of disease. While not developed solely for the purpose, it is commonly used for detecting sexually-transmitted diseases by individuals seeking peace of mind before engaging in casual sex with strangers (and indeed, many establishments rent the devices out for this purpose). In addition to identifying disease (both sexually-transmitted and otherwise), the device will also identify the testee's species, and whether he or she has had a telomeric scramble.

Technical specifications of the bloodchecker have not been fully expounded upon, but basic procedure involves loading the unit with chemical cartridges that contain the materials needed for the testing and placing the unit against the user's arm, where a microscopic needle pierces the skin and draws a miniscule amount of blood. The contents of the cartridges are then released, and the results of the test are displayed on a readout screen for the user to see, along with veracity results for the test itself.

The device was invented several decades before the current Blue Forest storyline, and it is credited as being instrumental in eliminating the disease Cross-Alpha from society. Nowadays, the bloodchecker is seen as the only real line of defense against Cross-Beta, and although the original device specifications were not completely reliable in identifying the disease in testees, new technologies have been developed to compensate.

The Duhamel Corporation is known to develop and produce bloodcheckers, though it is unknown whether other companies have their own versions on the market.

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